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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  December 30, 2017 1:42am-2:10am EST

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the pyrotechnic experts say a special e quantic fire work will not be shot off the barge. if it hits a chunk of ice, it could bounce off the crowd instead of going into the river. >> security is tight as philadelphians get ready for the new year. barricades have gone up to prevent any car attack. chad pradelli runs down the intricate plans to keep the city safe. >> there is no credible threat to the region, but the department is ready for mummers that march down broad and those that watch. >> we have counter terrorism units that spend everyday looking for these events, looking at best practices. we are always prepared. >> for the first time they deployed a drone so spectators
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shouldn't be alarmed if they hear the hum event. >> you get an overhead view. if something happens, you can zoom in maybe before a police officer can get there. surveillance will be extensive with officers watching from the parade route and realtime crime center in south philadelphia. this year the polar plunge has police concerned for officers working for long officers for the parade and fireworks at penn's landing. the change because of the severe weather is to have warming stations where if someone is getting cold, we can send them for a break and back out on the line. >> recently, there are terrorist attacks using vehicles to plow into crowds. measures have been put into place for the fire work show along the river. >> we have added concrete impediments, places people could
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potentially drive into. that's one of the things that homeland security wanted us to do. >> if you see something, say something. in center city, chad pradelli, channel6 "action news." >> you can follow tomorrow's latest on the free "6abc" app where you can access radar from your phone and current temperatures if you spend your holiday outdoors this weekend. the arctic blast is affecting folks from the northwest. in michigan, snow is blamed for a 40 car pileup. residents in erie, p.a. are digging out from five feet as they brace for another 18-inches. there are icy conditions as far south as charleston, south carolina. a disappoint for democratic
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voters hoping to throw out the congressional map in pennsylvania. a judge ruled that even though there is evidence that the set up favors republics, it does not necessarily violen violate the e constitution. the plaintiffs have not proven that partisanship crossed over into illegal jerrymandering. the case is headed to the state supreme court. the justices today set oral arguments for january 17th. >> gunfire turned deadly in chester responding to a shooting at 8th and lloyd at 7:20. one person was killed. philadelphia will end the year with more murders than the year before, 314 compared to 277 last time this year. that is a 13% increase, the highest since 2012, 331 people were killed.
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the overall number of shootings are down targeting the worst offenders. >> uno the dog is okay after a harrowing day. he was chasing geese when he fell through a partially frozen creek. his owner threw a life ring out to the dog. uno was able to get his paws in the life ring helping him to stay alive until rescuers could reach him. he is just fine tonight. >> the unusual rush to pay taxes before the close of business in new jersey. we have our first look at bronx apartment building as survivors explain why so many couldn't make it out alive. >> and watching fireworks. how a local university is offering relief. adam? >> monica, we are tracking the
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cold. no stopping it. tomorrow morning, we look at future tracker locally here and how much to expect in the seven-day forecast. >> all right. jamie apody tells us how to frigid temperatures are changing the game plan for the eagles. we hear from ryan
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>> we have breaking news from camden county where a multistate high - speed chase just ended. police are searching for three suspects that bailed out of one of the cars. the chase began in wilmington. the suspect is in handcuffs, the one they caught and three others
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at large. they were in a wilmington area police chase. with over the delaware memorial bridge then at route 30 at a high speed. one suspect in handcuffs. police canines looking for the other three. authorities investigating the new york city fire, the deadliest in a quarter century are taking a closer look at self-closing doors. testifthe building was requiredo have them. the door did not close. it was a three-year-old playing with burners on a stove in a first floor unit that started the blaze last night. the stairwell acted like a chimney. flames raced upwards killing at least 12 people. folks crammed on to the fire
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escape but there was not enough space. >> most people were trapped inside the apartment because the fire escape was full. there was no room for people to come out. >> the three-year-old mom, his two-year-old sister and his mom did escape. the fire spread so quickly because the mom left the door to the burning apartment open. >> 12 people died, four were children. >> technology stocks led the way this year with a gain of 28% for 2017. the market gains have been up across the board with energy stocks and phone companies down for the year. the dow ended with a 21.5 gain.
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s&p 500 notched a gain of 19%. nasdaq up 28.2%. on the topic of money, it's rare that folks demand to pay taxes months before they are due but for some new jerseyans it's a consequence of a newly passed tax law. we go to the normally quiet municipal building where folks were rushing to pay their taxes. >> why? >> so i don't get clocked as much as i get changing the taxes. >> there is a $10,000 cap on state and local taxes. for people in new jersey that pay among the highest property taxes in the country, that's bad
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news. >> there was no thought to new jersey, new york, pennsylvania and california. it's going to be a disaster. >> i never feel good about taxes. having to pay them early to qualify for the full deduction adds insult to injury. >> it's not fair. our taxes are higher than $10,000. >> it's lucky for me to have enough savings to accommodate for this. unfortunately, members of my family and friends and relatives don't have the ability to prepay. >> it's a cash flow issue. at the same time, you need to take advantage of the current situation which allows you to deduct taxes '17 and not '18. the tax office will be open
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saturday 9:00 to noon. >> let them know that they have prepaid so it doesn't double. the mortgage company is still taking out escrow payments. >> tax collectors can't offer advice, and they are asking taxpayers to contact a professional to find out how this is going to impact them. >> on health check at 11:00, ringing in the new year with ringing in your ears. >> the pennsylvania ear institute montgomery county is warning about potential hearing damage for fireworks and firecrackers. fireworks can reach 170-decibels, worse than a rock concert and jackhammer. noise exposure adds up overtime.
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it's offering free ear plugs to those watching the fireworks. >> organizers want everything to go off perfectly. today they tested the confetti, tossing it from the hard rock cafe. the bits of paper add up to 1.5-tons. jenny mccarthy will be hosting dick clark's new year's rocking eve. >> you call them because it's such a tradition. and we can relate. we grew up watching the show. when we got the opportunity, we jumped at it. >> many are excited to the return of mariah carey, the big story folks are talking about
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january 21st, 2017. tune in for the an annual tradition, partying from coast to coast. >> adam is here for cecily. we have a white weekend at least in the beginning. >> it starts that way. we have harsh ar arctic air suny and monday. to the weather center, snow guns continue to crank out the man made snow here at spring mountain. they have been making snow the last several days, day and night. mother nature is helping with powder tomorrow. light fluffy snow to start the weekend, gusts near 30 miles per hour. that links the coldest temperatures so far this winter season creating dangerous conditions especially new year's eve and new year's day. you get a glass of bubbly ready,
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6:00 p.m. penn's landing, zero degrees for the first round of fireworks and midnight, 12-degrees feeling like zero. the winds off the delaware add extra chill. there's the snow tracking from the west. first thing tomorrow morning, a lucid event creating slick travel to begin saturday. it's here first thing in the morning. snow from the west and southwest. it picks up with intensity and steady through most of the morning through the lunchtime hour. only a lingering flurry or snow shower left into the afternoon, coating to two inches tomorrow. every flake is going to stick.
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there will be very slick driving conditions. for the driveway and car, it can easily be removed with a broom. after it on sunday for the eagles, the winds are whipping through the link here. you want to dress for windchills near five degrees the entire game. that's the afternoon. for the mummer's parade, first thing in the morning, windchill low as five below zero to start at 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning. in the afternoon, temperatures in the teens with windchill near five degrees, winds near 30 miles per hour. if we stay in the teens for new year's day, the coldest in philadelphia since 1918. looking at the exclusive accuweather forecast, sunday and monday with winds feeling between zero and five above, at least we'll have the sun both
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days. tuesday, 25-degrees. balmy 30 as we get into wednesday. we are going to watch the system off the coast thursday, misses us, 29 and more cold air to follow next week into next weekend. >> thank you, adam. many much more "action news." we take a break and come ,000 in america last year.
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it says you apply the blue one ok, letto me. this. here? no. have a little fun together, or a lot. k-y yours and mine. two sensations that work together, so you can play together. >> jamie apody is here. big win for the flyers. >> how about that?
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flyers are confusing. they lose to bad teams. they beat great teams. facing tampa, 7-7 lightning with the best record in the league. shane breaks the tie, 2-1 flyers. lightning tie it back up. score makes it 2-2. 12 seconds to go, sean cleaning up the mess up front. flyers snap the losing streak, 5-3. >> the last time the eagles held a regular season in link, it's been years. the last time they won regular season games, never. doug pederson wants the guys to prepare for the frigid f finale against the cowboys. starters will play despite a
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game that doesn't mean anything but franchise wins for the regular season. he hasn't said how much they'll play. >> it's a regular season football game, dallas cowboys. i have to be smart with it, offensively. i'm not putting anyone on a pitch count or number of plays. i want to see execution by our guys. >> check this out, former president barack obama tweeting about the best examples of what is good for america this year, singled out the eagles to company nateing his salary to scholarships in virginia. >> it's cool. at the end of the day, it's an honor that, that would fly across one of our former president's radar, so listen, that's the point that i try to do good things for the
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community, spreading positivity. it's an honor to be mentioned. >> coming up, joel embiid, not tough? another big man ripped
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>> the first of a back to back. joel embiid is expected to suit up sunday against the suns. embid not tough? after they beat the sixers by four, he ripped embid saying all
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he cares about is being famous. >> embid trying to be famous. i respect him as a pla player, t he's getting tired, it looks like. when you play defense, attack him, he gets tired more. >> he's getting tired? that guy better watch out. just saying. >> he's got all that going on. >> thank you, jamie. they celebrated a birthday in windfield heights. friendsand family celebrated ruth on her 104th birthday cake. she was born in ocean grove, new jersey before mo moving to pennsylvania. a happy birthday to you, ruth. jim gardner is next followed by
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"nightline." "action news" continues at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. for the entire "action news" team, i'm monica malpass. have a good night and a great weekend. ♪ ♪
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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." it's quite a show at the circus. >> this gym mast up in the air with ropes doing aerial stunts. >> until something goes wrong with the netting. >> oh, no. we have brought something for you. >> he's got a very special gift waiting for him. >> tough to lift it up, then things get crazy. >> wait until you see what's in that box. >> what? this driver spotted something on the road. >> oh!


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